Budget ATV brand Segway has launched a new 500cc ATV that comes in under £6,000.

The Chinese maker is offering two versions of the AT5 – the smaller S and larger L – that are identical but for their length, height and weight.

Both are propelled by a 499cc four-stroke engine tuned to deliver a peppy 39hp and 44Nm of torque, putting them a modicum short of the bigger and more expensive 44hp/48Nm Snarler AT6.

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This is channelled through the firm’s belt-based CVTech transmission to give a spritely 0-60kph time of 4.9sec and a top speed of 100kph.

Selectable two- and four-wheel drive is supplemented by lockable differentials front and rear, while a respectable 250mm ground clearance is provided by the dual A-arm suspension assemblies.

Three hydraulic disc brakes are standard, though four can be specced on premium versions, and the oil shocks on each corner can also be upgraded to gas.

Other niceties include adjustable electronic power-steering system with three modes – comfort, standard and sport – and LED lights that are apparently 60% brighter than usual.

Towing capacity is 300kg (or 600kg for a braked trailer), the front rack is good for a 40kg and the one on back will handle another 60kg.

As with the bigger AT6 Snarlers, Segway’s package includes a factory-fitted tracking system that, via a mobile app, can be used to monitor total mileage, estimated fuel range and real-time speed data.

The marginally cheaper of the two models, the AT5 S, is officially priced at £5,999, for which buyers get a tow ball, hand guards, steel rims and a 1,134kg winch on the front.